Saturday, 3 March 2012

Today I went to Narnia

Today I went to Narnia and it was fantastic! The boys and girls at one of my local primary schools had recreated Narnia in one of their classrooms. You had to open the wardrobe, climb through the fur coats to enter the winter wonderland. Once in the room we were able to watch the children act out the scene when Lucy enters Narnia for the first time and met Mr Tumnos. They then went to his house for tea. Wonderful acting, all compete with sounds effects that they had made themselves and superb scenery. 
For me it was a great opportunity to re-enact one of my favourite scenes from books. I loved climbing through the wardrobe! What scene from a book would you like to be part of? What is it about that scene that resonates with you? 

I'm just thinking about what I loved about climbing through the wardrobe. It was something to do with the ordinary turning into the extraordinary. The potential of something that is an everyday item or occurance turning into the miraculous. That is at the heart about expectation and ultimately hope. The hope of things yet unseen and unknown. Life is such an adventure!