Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My kitchen is for dancing

When we were on holiday in America at a theme park there were warning signs in some of the rides. They were pictures of a moving  man with  a line through him - the message was to stay seated and not move around. As a family were would joke that the signs meant 'no dancing'. Whenever we saw similar signs we would point them out and say 'look - there is no dancing allowed here as well!'

My daughter came across this picture of an apron - "My kitchen is for dancing". And I endorse that whole-heartedly. In fact you can dance anywhere in my home.  For many years I was a highland dancer and thoroughly loved every minute that I was dancing. As a couple we love to dance and enjoy nothing better than a good ceilidh. As people often lose themselves in the music so too you can lose yourself in a dance.

Jesus himself is, as we sing, is the Lord of the Dance. May we follow in his dance steps - in the kitchen, the dining room or wherever we find ourselves this evening.

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