Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mascara, Military and Music

Mascara, Military and Music
This morning as I was getting ready for work, I kept hearing snippets on the radio about the need to have mascara remover at the ready. Intrigued I stopped long enough to hear what it was all about. The Military Wives Choir are releasing a single called 'Wherever you are' in time for Christmas. Before I knew it I was transfixed to the spot as I listened to the words. Tears in the eyes right enough. A pause in the morning rush to think about those who are sacrificing daily - the troops and the families.

One of the most comforting things about faith is having the belief that we are never alone. Feeling alone is surely one of the hardest things to cope with in life. This single brings us all that bit closer. We may be far removed from the fields of war. We may be far away from the families waiting at home for news. But, we can be close to them in our thoughts and prayers. We can stop and listen and show our support.

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  1. I watched the programme about it on the I player today and I certainly couldn't stop the tears! Very emotional!