Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A capsule of eternity

Looking out into my garden one frosty winter's morning I had to pick up the camera, head outside and capture the moment. 

A moment in time where I was drawn to the light, the shadows, the freshness, the wonder of my world.

Heading back inside, to the warmth and picking up my cup of coffee again. 

Feeling that I had, for a moment, been in a capsule of eternity and a certain peace descended on me.
Thou art the peace of all things calm
Thou art the place to hide from harm
Thou art the light that shines in dark
Thou art the heart’s eternal spark

Thou art the door that’s open wide
Thou art the guest who waits inside
Thou are the stranger at the door
Thou are the calling of the poor

Thou art my Lord and with me still
Thou art my love, keep me from ill,
Thou art the light, the truth, the way,
Thou art my Saviour this very day.


  1. you captured that beautifully. I feel a much needed sense of peace reading that and seeing the picture. Things are getting slightly manic as I prepare to go away - but I am sure what needs to get done will get done. Or will need to manage without being done!
    I will try to keep that picture in my head and retreat to peace periodically throughout the day.

  2. Thank you, Linda
    Eileen x