Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Less Ambitious Books

I've been Twittering away recently and enjoying the vast array of subjects that arise each day. Yesterday's fun slot were postings called #lessambitiousbooks. (The hash sign is a hashtag and links all posts with that tag word/s in it).

Some examples of #lessambitiousbooks were:-

'The Mediocre Gatsby',
'Medium Expectations', 
'Near the Looking Glass', 
'Harry Potter and the chamber of common knowledge', 
'The Grapes of Irritation' 
'The Girl with the Dragon Sticker,
 'Mildly Depressing House',
'Sort-Of Difficult Times'
& 'The Now-and-then Gardener'.

You get the drift! I love playing on words like that. Some made me laugh out loud and that is not a bad thing. We all need to find things that bring a little light to our days when so much of the input from the news and media is gloomy. 

Of course, nothing compares to joy that comes from inside.
The fruit of the Spirit. 
The joy of feeling right with God, 
at one with the folk around you 
and at peace with the world. 
That kind of joy is not a mediocre or a medium gift 
but one of the greatest gifts of all.


  1. Delightful post. I arrived at your blog via RevGals. Ceud mile failte! Welcome!!!

    1. Thank you for your warm welcome - much appreciated!