Sunday, 8 January 2012

Taking front stage

Well, here I am,
standing here, in a good place, watching, waiting, 
It's gone well so far.
I'm happy with the progress.
I'm content to stay in the wings, waiting, watching,

But you had more in mind for me than that, didn't you?
So here I am, now centre stage.
Here I stand not knowing what end is up,
when I'd rather be watching and waiting in the wings.

So forgive me if I appear a bit overwhelmed.
Be patient with me when I don't quite know what's going on.
Understand me when I give the impression
that it's all too much ...

Oh, and this blessing bit,
this voice that I keep hearing when I'm out front, 
when I'd rather be in the wings, waiting and watching,
is that for real?

I hope so.
For now I'm here, instead of watching and waiting, 
I reckon I'll need all the blessing that's going.

Tom Gordon 
'A Blessing to Follow - Contemporary parables for living'

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