Sunday, 4 December 2011

Her last photo

Linda and Diane - Summer 2003

Yesterday, I found out that a friend had sadly died. Her name was Diane and we had studied theology together at St Andrews University back in 2003. She was an American - energetic, enthusiastic and full of vitality. A lady who was warm, friendly and had great faith. She had been ill for a couple of years and she records some of her courageous journey in her blog

Since her death, her friends and family have continued adding to her blog and are encouraging people to send in their memories and photos of Diane. It is a lovely tribute to her that so many folk are keeping her memory alive. 
One of these late entries really struck me. It contained the photo below. 
Her friend who posted it wrote:- 
                                         "This is a photo taken by Diane on October 5th, of a spiritual candle. She had really wanted to post it on her blog,  but the memory card from her camera had been lost. I found it today.  I do not know what she would have written here; I leave that for you to contemplate. It was probably the last photo she took."
                                           Another friend later added - 
"Those of you that have seen the film " Stardust" will know that this is Diane's Babylon candle and it has taken her to where she wanted to be. "

I found the image, recorded by Diane herself, to be such a beautiful one. I keep returning to look at it. For me it offers comfort and hope. Her Babylon candle, lit by her own hand - carrying her to where she wanted to be. 

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