Friday, 30 December 2011

A Year in Lego

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding - April 2011

The Guardian newspaper has a collection of photos depicting the news from 2011 in Lego. Lego is such a creative medium and a childhood favourite of many. 

It got me thinking - what would I build to reflect a special memory of the past year? I think I would build a train. It would remind me of the wonder 'roadtrip' by train that my daughter and I took round England in the summer. There would of course be lots of cups of tea, punnets of strawberries, teddy bears and the many special memorabilia that would capture that wonderful week. 

If you could depict one scene from your life in 2011 what would it be and why? 

What would you like to prioritise as a building project for 2012? 


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  2. Mine would be a desk - Andrew started school :)

    1. Aw - that's lovely! Hope he is getting on well.