Monday, 12 December 2011

A Highland blessing

I was going to say that I was attracted to this picture because it had great ap'peel' for me - but, I really shouldn't as I'm always in trouble for my bad puns!

Picking yourself up and carry on. That reminds me of the lyric from the old song 'pick yourself up, brush yourself down, and start all over again'. Sometimes that is easier than others. There are days when all we have done is trip up a bit. Other days we have fallen, hurt ourselves and are a bit battered and bruised. Then there are the days when we are so flat out that we wonder if we can ever get back on our feet again.

Perhaps from experience we have learned what it takes to do just that, to get back up and pick up the threads of life again. There may be certain people we lean on. There may be pieces of music that we turn to. There may be activities that take us out of ourselves long enough to get some strength back. For some it may be the depths of prayer - the sharing of our burdens to the one who can lift them. Our 'pick up' tools are unique to each one of us.

Wherever you are today and however you are, may this highland blessing enfold you:-

The King to shield you in the glen,
the Christ to aid you on the ben,
Spirit to bathe you on the brae,
Hollow, or hill, or plain your way,
be glen, or ben, or plain your way.

From Poems of the Western Highlanders by G.R.D. McLean

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