Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hooked by a Handshake

Looking back on today one moment in particular stands out - hence my gleaning for today. It was the school end of term service in the church and the children were acting out the nativity story to readings.

It came to the time for the shepherds to go and visit the new born baby. Nothing new there. But, this time the young shepherds in their stripy outfits caused me to pause and look on with new eyes.

The shepherds, on arrival at the 'stable', shook hands with the new Dad, Joseph. That shaking of the hands touched me - it was such a natural, obvious gesture, but, not one we usually see in a re-enactment of our story of old. It somehow brought the story even more alive - it was human, it was real, a baby was born and the visitors were delighted.

Today, my little shepherds and Joseph drew me further into the Christmas Story -  a simple handshake and I was hooked.

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