Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Two Trees

Two trees from my week

One tree I walked past in Kirriemuir was laden with berries ahead of the cold weather that we are told is on its way. The berries may well become a vital source of food for our hungry birds.

The other tree was covered with Christmas decorations and was sitting at the entrance of our local hospice. We had just had the Christmas 'Lighting up' service when we had switched on the lights on the tree. The lights a symbol of the light of Christ that is lit for each of us. A source for our hungry spirits. 

As I open our advent doors and continue my journey of reflection towards Christmas this leads me to some questions:-

What feeds me? 

What is the source of my spiritual nutrition?

For me, the answer is definitely something to do with time. Stopping doing what I am doing in my busy day and taking time to reach deeper into myself. Going from the horizontal moving forward plane to the vertical descending deeper plane.

It is in that place that I am fed and make my connection with God .... a bit like the switching on of the Christmas lights. 


  1. I agree with the "stopping what I am doing in a busy day to reach deeper into myself" as a source of spiritual nutrition. But where do we find the time at this time of year? I hope you are managing it better than I am right now! So much to fit in!!

    But I love the idea that it lights us up like a Christmas tree!

  2. Thanks for that Tanya - that gave me food for thought. See today's blog!