Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Illuminating Book Tree

Today I have been deep in a pile of books - writing one of three essays due for my 'How to Study Local History' course on the 23rd January. It has only taken 11 hours but that is it sent off now to my tutor in Inverness.  Before you feel sorry for me, it was no great hardship - I love books and I love writing about family history research.

Books have always been a great joy. Christmases and birthdays were made even more special if at least one of the packages was a hard rectangle shape aka 'A Book'!!

What a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, guidance, escapism, emotion etc has poured out of pages in front of me over the years. My favourites are too many to mention.

But, I will never forget the years when the Bible first impacted into my life. Sure, I had heard about it and dipped into it throughout childhood and teen years but that was all. It wasn't until my late twenties that the words came alive and started to intersect with my life. The power of them was unmistakable. For me it is a living word. I can return to familiar passages and find they say new things to me as the cross my life at a different point today.

The power of such words is eternal and like the Christmas book tree above can provided illumination in all corners of our lives.

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