Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Is your snow-globe shaken?

I don't know how many times I've been asked the question recently "Are you all set for Christmas?"  The question of course is about cards being written, parcels being posted, shopping being done, cake being made, turkey ordered and so on. The question picks up on the frantic nature that we find ourselves in of getting organised for Christmas Day. The general rushing around, queueing in queues at post offices and supermarkets, filling freezers, locating the wrapping paper, sellotape and scissors are all part of this maelstrom of  preparation.

It all reminds me of the snow-globe. That wonderful glass ball that used to amaze and delight me as a child. It was so much fun - shaking it and letting the snow gradually fall and then settle at the bottom. The calm, the storm and then back to the calm again.

The few weeks leading up to Christmas are like that snow storm for many of us. The flurry of activity that can send us spinning. But, there may be time in each day to let the snow gradually fall and settle. David Adams wrote this caim prayer - a circling prayer that can give and sense of peace and calm.

Circle me O God
Keep hope within
Despair without

Circle me O God
Keep peace within
Keep turmoil out.

Circle me O God
Keep calm within
Keep storms without.

Circle me O God
Keep strength within
Keep weakness out.

May your storms, in whatever form they take, be without and may you find calm within.


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