Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Innkeepers

We watched the movie 'Nativity' last night. A fun festive 101 minutes. As in most nativity plays there comes a time when the question of who gets which part arises. Many want the star roles - Mary and Joseph and not minor roles like that of the innkeeper. A bit like this young chap:-

I want to be Joseph

One primary school was putting on their nativity play. The time came for the parts to be handed out and little Tommy wanted desperately to be Joseph. In fact he had his heart set on it. When the teacher announced the parts, Tommy was not chosen to play Joseph. However, he was asked to play the role of the innkeeper.
Even though he had been picked, he was still not happy. The day arrived for the performance of the play. The entire school was there. There were parents, grandparents, teachers and governers in the audience.
Mary and Joseph duly arrived at the inn and Joseph knocked on the door.
“Can my wife and I come in?” he asked.
There was a pause, and then little Tommy replied in an adamant tone ‘SHE can come in but YOU can’t’. He then turned to the audience and announced ‘I WANTED TO BE JOSEPH’!
In the film 'Nativity' a solution is found when they have four Marys and four Josephs. Which made me think of the much neglected innkeeper. What was his role? What did he do? And the answer is simple:- he opened the door of the stable for the young couple and their soon to be born infant. 
He opened the door to allow the son of God to enter. So simple an action really. An action that we are all invited to undertake. 
We are all innkeepers at heart.

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