Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Little Matchgirl (continued)

Life is full of coincidences. Last night's coincidence was the conversation about 'The Little Matchgirl' with friends followed by that same story being in my bedtime reading later that evening. 

Today I visited someone who gave me the poem 'Look beyond the Stars'. It could have been written by the little Matchgirl's grandmother......

Look Beyond the Stars

When the long shadows of evening are falling and
When the singing birds are silenced by twilight.
Then I will come to you and take your hand in mine
and tell you of my new home.

Then I will wipe your tears away and tell you not
to grieve for me, for I am happy in God's garden.

I will walk and talk with you on life's rugged road.
I will be your strength in your weakness,your light in darkness.
I will sprinkle your sorrows with joy and
guide your every step through your valley of tears.

I will remind you of our summers of love,
Our autumns of contentment,
And our winters of reflection, that seemed almost divine.

The memories of the beautiful years
that we have spent together are entwined
forever in our hearts.
I would never leave you.

Look beyond the stars and see my out-stretched arms
waiting to embrace you once more.

In life you loved me dearly and I loved you.
You nursed me through my sickness and held my hand
and I died wrapped in your love.

When your hour comes, I will be at your side,
And you will come to me and smile and gently close
your eyes and I will lead you to this lovely land
where you will blossom in my heart forever.

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